Interior decoration, when it comes to furnishings for the windows in your home, is not always about utility, but beauty as well.

Sometimes people are confused between curtains and blinds and don’t know what to use and where.

Both serve the same purpose and are used as window coverings, the only difference being the types of windows for which you use them.

So, while curtains are for the ideal décor for your sitting room, dining room or bedrooms in your home, you cannot use them in kitchens and bathrooms.

Fire hazards in the kitchen and moisture in the bathrooms dictate that blinds are more suited to these spaces.

So, once you have decided to get drapes for your windows, why not do it with some style? Several stores in Singapore sell quality blinds and curtains and also install them at your home.

We have shortlisted the 5 best curtains and blinds stores here in Singapore that you must consider when blinds and curtains are on your shopping list.

Curtains and Blind Singapore Enhance Looks of Your Homes With Curtains
Enhance the looks of your home with beautiful curtains

1. Corri Track

Curtains and Blinds Store in Singapore Corritrack

When you are looking for affordable curtains and blinds in Singapore in a wide range of quality fabrics, designs and colour shades, Corri Track is the place to shop at.

Some of the products that they offer for curtains are motorised curtains, blackout curtains, and soundproof curtains.

Additionally, they also have a big collection of blinds such as motorised blinds, balcony blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, and shadow blinds.

You can give a call to Corri Track or fill out the online form on their website to get a free quotation of their products and services.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (Mon – Fri), 09:00 – 13:00 (Sat)
  • Address: Blk 1050 Eunos Ave 7, #01-131, Singapore 409581
  • Features: Blinds, Curtains, Installation, Free quotation, Warranty on all products
  • Tel: +65 9128 5437
  • Website:

2. The Curtain Boutique

Curtains and Blinds Store in Singapore The Curtain Boutique

The Curtain Boutique is one of the leading curtains and blinds stores in the country.

As their loyal patrons can attest, they put a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer delight through personalised service and care.

They are excellent in assisting you to find the perfect window furnishings for your windows.

Also, if you like to know more about the trends in window and home décor, you can visit their website to read their informative blogs.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00 (Mon – Fri) 10:00 – 19:00 (Sat – Sun)
  • Address: 81 Ubi Ave 4, #01-14, Singapore 408830
  • Features: Blinds, Curtains, Installation, Personalised service, Warranty on all products, Blogs about products and services
  • Tel: +65 6904 8813
  • Website:

3. mc.2

Curtains and Blinds Store in Singapore MC.2

If you are looking to but branded curtains and blinds, the one-stop solution would be to check out mc.2.

Their 4,200 sq. ft showroom at Ubi Avenue lets you browse the materials, patterns and styles in the latest selections.

Whether you are a homeowner or looking for office furnishings, mc.2 offers expert services and top-quality workmanship at extremely competitive prices.  

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 19:00 Daily
  • Address: 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-28 Vertex, Singapore 408868
  • Features: Blinds, Curtains, Installation, Branded products, Free consultation
  • Tel: +65 6634 7333
  • Website:

4. TG Curtains & Blinds

Curtains and Blinds Store in Singapore TG Curtains and Blinds

TG Curtains & Blinds offer a great variety of home décor services and particularly specialise in window dressings.

You can either buy individual products or book packaged services for multiple room furnishings, that include free site measurements, quotations, and installation.

You can contact them by submitting an online form, or by calling them for quotes, without being obligated to engage their services. They also offer repair services.  

5. First Curtains

Curtains and Blinds Store in Singapore First Curtains

They are one of the best in Singapore. However, they do not provide all-round services like pet healthcare.

But if you are looking for styling, then you can call the salon at The Grooming Table their services.

Additionally, they guarantee personal and dedicated care by well-qualified groomers.

For more details on grooming FAQs, price list and services offered, you can visit their website, and also make online appointments.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (Mon – Sat)
  • Address: 21 Toh Guan Road East #04-15 Toh Guan Centre Singapore 608609
  • Features: Blinds, Curtains, Installation, Attractive discounts, Customisation available, Blogs about products and services
  • Tel: +65 9822 2292
  • Website:


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