Wedding planning is an integral part of any wedding nowadays, and rightly so.

This is a very special occasion, and you deserve to enjoy it with some style and grandeur.

But is it necessary to get lost in the nitty-gritty of strategising a marriage ceremony that is bound to challenge your limits?

If you decide to engage a wedding planner’s services, then you are in luck.

You are now free to relax comfortably as all the essentials are taken care of, and you get to approach your wedding with satisfaction.

Wedding planning in Singapore has become a thriving business venture lately.

The beauty of the locale and the availability of world-class professional wedding planners are the reason behind it.

And if you have a wedding date around the corner, you will be glad to go through our overview of the best 5 wedding planners so that you have a readymade shortlist to select from.

Wedding Decor Setup
Wedding decor set up at ceremony event venue

1. Spellbound Weddings

Wedding Planner Services Spellbound Featured Image

Spellbound Weddings live up to their name as they help plan fabulous weddings by implementing your ideas and executing your wishes with creativity and style.

They specialise in floral designing for the wedding, and also provide a wide range of wedding services to suit your needs and pocket.

They are proficient in concept weddings and have a range of foreign destinations to choose if you fancy.

Contact them for a consultation and make your dream wedding a reality.

  • Opening Hours: Book Consultation Online
  • Address: 63 Syed Alwi Rd, #01-01 Singapore 207642
  • Features: Wedding planning, Concept Wedding, Destination Wedding, Floral Designing
  • Tel: +65 9658 0816
  • Website:

2. Chère Wedding & Events

Wedding Planner Services Chere Featured Image

With a portfolio of arranging more than a hundred weddings, Chère Wedding & Events have been one of the top wedding planners in Singapore.

They handle every key component of a wedding from concept designing and budget planning to vendor and logistics management.

They also plan events in Bali, should you fancy a grand wedding away from Singapore.

For more details, you can make an appointment, and see all your wedding planning worries get taken care of.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 (Mon – Fri), 11:00 – 18:00 (Sat)
  • Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #03-308 Singapore 039594
  • Features: Wedding Planning, Destination wedding, Theme wedding
  • Tel: +65 8752 1101
  • Website:

3. The Wedding Stylist

Wedding Planner Services The Wedding Stylist Featured Image

The Wedding Stylist believes that when you have called them in, then it is their job to run the perfect wedding for you while you should just enjoy the celebration.

Headed by the pair of charismatic and visionary Caroline Tan-Reed and Angela Tioanda, they take creativity in wedding planning to great heights.

They have unique services that range from full wedding planning to visualisation and conceptualisation of a ceremony that you want to run yourself but lack the creative and stylish insights.

  • Address: 28 Kallang Pl, #07-10, Singapore 339158
  • Features: Wedding planning, Concept wedding
  • Tel: +65 9128 9561 / 9658 5006
  • Website:

4. OC Weddings

Wedding Planner Services OC Featured Image

Among the top 5 wedding planners in Singapore, OC Weddings commands a formidable presence thanks to their strong specialisation in wedding catering.

They have a team of experts ready to creatively fulfil your ideas and wishes for the perfect wedding.

They also have an impressive list of vendor partners, and by engaging them you can get some complimentary and discounted services to ease your budget.

You can drop at their showroom for more details and food tasting, or send out for their services by filling the online form. 

  • Address: 1 Enterprise Road Singapore 629813
  • Features: Wedding Planning, Wedding Catering, Concept Styling, Promotions
  • Tel: +65 6833 7945 / 9770 1180
  • Website:

5. Everitt Weddings

Wedding Planner Services Everitt Featured Image

This is one of the best premium wedding planning service providers in Singapore known for their signature style and creative versatility.

Their USP lies in not churning out formulaic wedding themes but understanding every couple’s unique requirements and then crafting a personalised service.

They offer distinct packages, and you can choose your levels of participation in planning the event.

Their popularity makes it essential to make advance appointments so that they can give you the full attention and care that your wedding planning deserves.

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 20:00 (Tue – Fri) 14:00 – 17:00 (Sun)
  • Address: The Great Room, One George Street #10-01, Singapore 049145
  • Features: Wedding Planning, Personalised Wedding, Wedding Packages
  • Tel: +65 8113 2473
  • Website:


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