Singapore is always warm and wet with uniform temperature, high humidity, and rainfall. The temperature hovers around 25 °C to a maximum of 33 °C during the hottest month of April and May.

Your air conditioner pushes hard to balance the temperature and keep your home cool through all seasons. It works a little extra during the hottest month to provide extra cooling and comfort to beat the heat.

Air conditioning has become essential for every home in Singapore and you need to make sure it’s working effectively and efficiently throughout all season without unexpected breakdown or repair.

Putting Back Clean Aircon Filter
Man replacing cleaned aircon filters into the A/C unit.

1. Coolman Aircon Servicing Pte. Ltd.

Coolman Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd Logo

If you already have an aircon installed in your home, you know it has several benefits – effective cooling and comfortable living.

With that being said, you should also know that proper service and maintenance is the key to the effective functioning of the aircon. 

Professional service, proper maintenance are the best ways to keep your aircon running properly in all year round.

Cool Man aircon services offer general cleaning, chemical wash, aircon gas top-up, new installation, repair and troubleshooting and more.

They have a team of professionals who are fast and efficient, reliable with transparent pricing.

2. Air Connection

Air Connection Singapore Logo

If you want to avoid sudden breakdown and ensure the aircon system is in working condition, you should take care of the repair and maintenance needs right away.

Air Connection has comprehensive service and maintenance packages to prolong the lifespan of air conditioners and to lower your monthly power bills.

You will get constant, uninterrupted access to fresh, breathable air by opting in their regular service and maintenance package.

3. SoCool Pte. Ltd.

So Cool Pte Ltd Singapore Logo

For any problems with your aircon, you can approach So Cool one of the top 5 best aircon services in Singapore for excellent service and repair.

They offer regular servicing to air conditioners suitable for all customers. You can choose from the different packages they offer and their service is available 24*7.

Whether it is gas top-up, troubleshooting or chemical wash, they will not keep you waiting!

4. Billy Aircon

Billy Air Con Singapore Logo

Problems with the aircon can cause significant damage to the purity of air inside your home.

To ensure that your aircon remains in great condition, you must rely on the city’s leading aircon repair service.

Billy Air Con has experts who can provide complete service and maintenance.

You can approach them for commercial and residential aircon service.

5. Oasis Aircon Service Singapore

Oasis Aircon Singapore Logo

It’s now easy to call an aircon service to fix problems with your air conditioner system.

For instance, if your air conditioner is dusty, not cooling, or makes a noise, you can quickly call Oasis aircon that offers professional aircon cleaning for home and office.

From replacing broken parts to water leakage, they fix a wide range of products with your aircon.


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