If you hate cleaning and are lagging behind in your daily chores, you are not alone! Many Singaporeans feel the same way too as they are exhausted to clean their home during the weekends.

However, a clean home will make you feel refreshed, leave a better ambience, and keep you healthy.

To ensure a clean environment and stress-free experience, it is essential to hire a home cleaning service provider.

An average salaried Singaporean works for about 44.9 hours a week which is almost nine hours a day. Additionally, a person has to commute to work, eat, sleep, and take care of others at home. 

This leaves no time for them to have a spotlessly clean home. Hiring a cleaning services company will save time, it’s affordable, and improve the cleanliness of your home.

Here are the Top 5 best cleaning services in Singapore that provide cleaning assistance.

Woman is cleaning her house
A woman is cleaning her house.

1. Helpling

Helpling Singapore Image

You must carry out weekly or bi-weekly cleaning to keep your house free from dirt and dust.

Helpling is an online market place to find the best freelance cleaners in Singapore.

You can hire professional cleaners on hourly rates starting from $20 for weekly or fortnightly cleaning.

You can easily book a one-time cleaning expert or schedule a regular cleaning service easily.

  • Features: Price starts from $20/Hr*, Secure online payment, Dedicated customer
  • Tel: +65 8598 4399
  • Website: www.helpling.com.sg

2. Mop Squad

Mop Squad Cleaning Services Singapore Logo

You can hire professionals from MopSquad to handle the entire cleaning process easily. They are trusted local cleaning experts who can make your home spotless.

They offer commercial cleaning and residential cleaning services. Ranked as one of the top 5 best cleaning services in Singapore, they ensure consistent cleaning routine at every session.

Their services include spring cleaning, moving out cleaning, regular maintenance, renovation cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more.

3. Singapore House Cleaning

Singapore House Cleaning Image

Cleaning professionals are well trained and experienced. They follow a rule for cleaning and make use of different techniques to achieve the best results.

Singapore House Cleaning is a reliable professional cleaning service in Singapore offering one time and weekly services.

The professionals are well experienced and trained to clean doors, windows, blinds/curtains, ceiling fans, oven, and hard-to-reach areas.

If you don’t have time for regular cleaning, you can call them to make your home sparkle.

4. Spark Cleanz Pte. Ltd.

Spark Cleanz Cleaning Service Singapore

Hiring experts from Spark Cleanz is affordable and can be considered a lifesaver for those who are on a tight budget.

Some of their services include surface cleaning, toilet washing, vacuum, mopping and kitchen deep cleaning.

More services include floor cleaning, disinfection service, curtain and carpet cleaning, aircon services, one-time cleaning, and housekeeping.

Make the right choice by choosing a professional to clean your home and office.

5. Whissh (1 Plus Pte. Ltd.)

Whissh Cleaning Services Singapore

Hire the best deep cleaning services and see the difference. You will need a cleaning service when your family is coming home, during the festive season, and when you are likely to be busy at work.

Whissh – the professional cleaners can provide general cleaning or deep cleaning services after you move in/out, every week or as often as you need.

You can book their services quickly and wait for the magic to happen.  

  • Opening Hours: 9:00 – 21:00 Daily
  • Features: Insured up to $250,000* for accidents
  • Tel: +65 6221 8626
  • Website: www.whissh.com.sg
  • Features: Booking Online


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