Whether it may be a collision accident, stalled vehicle or a flat tyre, it can happen at any time and anywhere in some point of our lives. And in these situation, we all hope to get assistance ASAP and that’s where car towing service comes in handy.

In today’s modern society where assistance is available at your fingertips, with one call and a tow truck will be on its way to your rescue.

So, let’s go through the list of best car towing service in Singapore so you’ll never be inconvenienced ever again.

Frustrated Woman Faced With a Car Breakdown Calls For Car Towing Service.

1. BH Recovery Singapore

All hopes are not lost when you are faced with a car breakdown because BH Recovery Singapore’s efficient car towing service will save your day.

Well known for their speedy yet reliable 24 HR services ranging from car towing services, car battery replacement and car tyre repair. Without doubt, BH Recovery Singapore is one of the more recognized names in the car breakdown services trade.

In addition to competitive pricing, they are also honest to give you the right recommendation in the event that a car tow might not be necessary.

  • Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily
  • Location: Island wide Service
  • Tel: +65 8102 2323
  • Website: www.bhrecovery.com.sg

2. Island Recovery Services

Considerably one of the largest car towing services company in Singapore, boastings its fleet of 25 tow trucks to better serve every customer faced with a car breakdown.

A car breakdown can occur anywhere even in tight spaces such as a multi-storey car park. Despite difficult conditions as such, Island Recovery Services towing crew are skilled and experienced are able to tow your vehicle to safety.

Furthermore, their roadside assistance towing services are available 24 hours every day.

  • Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily
  • Location: Island wide Service
  • Tel: +65 9182 8211
  • Website: www.islandrecovery.com.sg

3. ACM Service Centre

Do not worry if you are looking for a reliable and fast car towing service, ACM Service Centre is here to assist you.

Not only do they provide 24 HR island-wide service car towing, they have their own car repair workshop as well. You no longer have to think hard about which car repair workshop to go and have the problem rectified.

Convenience is surely appreciated in the event of a car break down. Let them help get you back onto the road safely.

4. Singapore Towing Pte. Ltd.

You might have seen their eye-catching green tow trucks somewhere some point in time along your journey outdoors or even on your way to work.

They operate 24 hours daily are specialized in towing services, especially heavy vehicle towing.

Given the challenging demands of heavy vehicle towing, general car towing services are no sweat to them.

  • Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily
  • Location: Island wide Service
  • Tel: +65 9830 2645 / 8571 7384

5. Automobile Association of Singapore

Automobile Association of Singapore should be familiar with most when it comes to roadside assistance.

With the new AA Singapore app, AA members conveniently call for car towing services at any time of the day.

They provide a free standard car towing service* to your preferred location or workshop. However, do note that only members get to enjoy this privilege.

  • Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily
  • Location: Island wide Service
  • Tel: +65 6748 9911
  • Free Standard Towing for AA Members!


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